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Sending funeral flowers to a funeral home or service is extremely easy. Check out the variety of funeral flowers that you can choose from.

Each type of these listed floral arrangement is an appropriate form of sympathy and expression of love to send to loved ones during a difficult time.

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Some of the most popular arrangements.

Flower Arrangements and Baskets

A container with or without a handle filled with fresh flowers and foliages. There are basically two types of basket arrangements. Traditional baskets are typically one sided and very formal in appearance. They are usually taken to the cemetery after the visitations. Family members, business associates and neighbors often will order this type of arrangement. The other type is more of an everyday style, usually made in a wicker basket, and while suitable for the funeral services it is also appropriate for the family to take home afterwards. Family friends, co-workers and extended family members will often order this type of style.

Floral Easel Spray

A floral composition designed to be placed on a tripod stand. The floral design is usually constructed in a caged floral foam base to keep the flowers fresh. This item should only be sent to the visitations or funeral service, not to the family's home. These items are usually quite striking, and are often chosen by family members, business associates and groups of people ordering flowers together.


Blooming or Green Plants come in a wide variety of offerings, including combinations known as European Gardens or Dish Gardens. All of these choices are common sympathy tributes throughout the year. Blooming varieties will change with the season, while green plants are available year round. Extended family, friends, and co-workers often choose these items, which can be sent to the services or family's home.

Casket Sprays

A floral composition designed to be placed on top of the casket. Two types exist. A lid spray (or full-couch casket spray) extends the length of the casket, and a foot spray (or half-couch casket spray) covers about one half of the casket. Either one can be used on either an open or closed casket (although a foot spray would typically be used on a half-open casket). Only the closest family members will order this piece, usually those members making the funeral arrangements for their loved one.


A circular shape of fresh flowers, foliages, mosses, vines or ribbon accented with a swag of fresh flowers. The circular shape symbolizes eternal life. This type of piece is appropriate for sending to the funeral services, and is often taken to the gravesite. It is most often chosen by family, friends, business associates or organizations.